Posted on: 26 May 2014

Zonnebloem, one of South Africa’s best-known brands, is reasserting its classical positioning by teaming up with Haldane Martin, one of South Africa’s most successful industrial and interior designers.

To coincide with its new tagline, “crafting contemporary classics”, Zonnebloem has commissioned Martin to develop a stylish range of merchandising units for restaurants and bars, as well as retail outlets.

His first design is a sleek, multi-functional dark, cork-topped table that also functions as an ice bucket stand. The table top can be used to hold a bottle, a decanter and a glass of wine, while the legs have been configured to support an ice bucket.

He has also created two free-standing display units for wine shops, featuring some of the same materials, including the distinctive dark cork, as well as brass fixtures.

Says global brand manager Dè-Mari Kellerman: “He has reinterpreted the traditional in a pleasingly modern and original way that corresponds with Zonnebloem’s approach to winemaking. His designs reflect the cardinal principles of harmony and balance evident in our well-crafted wines.

“Zonnebloem is a South African classic. Wine collectors have enormous respect for the brand with vintages from the 1940s, ’50s, ‘60s and ’70s still fetching impressive prices on auction. At the same time, it’s a growing brand that has been building international support for its classically styled but refreshing and modern-tasting wines.”

The wines are finding increasing favour with South Africans. “Even though the market is being inundated with new players, Zonnebloem is continuing to retain the interest of loyal and new-generation shoppers. We want to capitalise on their attention with striking visual language that we’ll follow through in our print advertising.”

Martin was approached, she says, because he has been one of the most successful exponents of a modern South African cultural identity. “He uses design to reflect a sense of time and space. That’s exactly what our winemakers do. They mirror the uniqueness of each vintage and draw from very specific vineyard blocks to achieve a sense of time and space.

“He works with materials in a way that is kind to the planet and to people. In the same way, all our wines are made by following the principles of eco-sustainability”.

Kellerman confirmed that internationally Zonnebloem is also growing its year-on-year sales. It is also one of the most popular ranges in the duty-free channel.